IoT Software Solutions

Transform your business using the power of intuitive software customized by North Star Systems.

REal Time
Cloud Based
Remote Collaboration

Gain Proactive Insights

Our software development team will assess your business or project by evaluating opportunities to integrate IoT and then create a customized software solution that works best for you.

North Star Systems sees every project as an exciting challenge to improve and find a better way.  Our software development is centered around:

A real-time remote framework
Data driven analysis
Intelligent and connected assets
A combination of sensors, microprocessors, and connectivity
Reducing costs

North Star Systems approaches IoT design with the notion that we need to more than just gather data, but we need to analyze the data and provide options for the person making the decisions. These prescriptive analytics effectively augment the human brain, allowing us to use far more complex and comprehensive information than would otherwise be possible.

IoT Cloud server
  • Dedicated server
  • SSL 256bit encryptions
  • Fast deployment time
  • Cisco / Jasper platform ready
  • AWS ready (API)
  • Customize
End User Interface
  • Web based dashboard
  • iOs and Android ready
  • Multiple sensors and applications support
  • Custom reporting features
  • SMS / Email user notification
  • Live weather and route planning
  • Control and monitor simultaneously
  • Built in Google Maps
  • Embedded developer tools


Cloud Based Collaboration Software

Custom IoT Solutions that work
Easy and Simple Open Cloud-Based Platform
SSL 256bit Encryptions
API Integration
  • JSON – R.E.S.T.
  • XML – SFTP
Embedded Developer Script (frontend and backend)
Embedded Reporting
Remote Firmware Programming
SMS Notification
Data Storage

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you start when you have nothing more than an idea?

An idea is all we need – IoT truly does have limitless possibilites. So, our team always starts by asking a LOT of questions in the exploration phase, such as:

  1. Has it been done before? If yes, can we do it significantly better? If no, are there any obvious reasons why it won’t work?
  2. What are the main development challenges? Once your idea is validated, we get to work.
  3. What do the existing systems look like and what needs to be done to integrate them with your new idea?
  4. Will off-the-shelf sensors work, can we adapt North Star Systems technology, or do we need to design something entirely new?
  5. What on-board computing will these sensors need?

All of this must be linked to the most important component in an loT system: the human operator. This means designing user interfaces that are easy and efficient to learn and use.

What security measures are taken to protect a solution that is integral to business operations?

Well, research and development does mean we are creating valuable new intellectual property (IP). In order to protect this investment, North Star Systems runs secure cloud-based servers, both during development and to protect IoT systems that are in full commercial operation.

How can IoT help a business make informed decisions about operations?

IoT systems allow assets to be monitored remotely, continuously, in real-time. This allows continuous data-driven decisions which means you have the most up to date information you need right at your fingertips. You can determine what needs to be done right now and what needs to be done next. With IoT, you really can be everywhere at once, with as many “eyes” as you need on your business.

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