North Star Systems Technology & Development Team consists of five full time developers, as well as outsourcing partners!

The team is led by Denis Levi who has over 25 years of experience in IT and 6 years in IoT/IoT/M2M technologies.  Denis’ breadth of knowledge in hardware development, software engineering, firmware development, server architecture, and multiple programming and database languages are fundamental skills that Denis brings to North Star Systems.  Denis also brings thought leadership and ideas to an ever-changing technology era, bringing North Star Systems always on the cutting edge of the newest and the next innovation. 

Jane Tu joined the team in January 2020 and with her brought various work experience from Huawei Technologies and Changan Automobile.  Jane holds a master’s degree in Electronic Science and Technology where her expertise and focus on hardware engineering and firmware development is essential at North Star Systems.  What she loves most about her job is that she can apply her abilities to create new technologies. 

Jerry Guan graduated with a Computer Science major from the University of Saskatchewan.   At North Star Systems, Jerry is responsible for the front-end interface.  Basically, anything a user can see with our apps and software solutions is all in Jerry’s toolbox!  Jerry loves anything related to IT and new technology. 

Mitch Lau graduated with a Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Saskatchewan.  Mitch focuses his efforts and expertise in the areas of back-end software development and API integration.  Basically, everything that pulls it all together behind the scenes!

Cristian Merli graduated from Electronics Engineering in Italy and has focused his career on software development.  His experience is extensive including back-end to front-end solutions and especially mobile app development.  As a Full Stack Developer his skills are applied in developing business intelligence (BI) and data analytics tools.

North Star Systems Technology & Development Team is a unique team originating from four different countries, speaking three different human languages and over ten programming languages!  We are a close and connected family at work and away from work as we enjoy doing things together such as hunting, fishing, and hiking, making us a truly unique unit!

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