Tattle devices, application and software are completely designed and produced in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, by North Star Systems engineers. In our latest article, we are excited to share that Tattle Systems are now certified.

Tattle Systems Are Now Certified

The North Star Systems Team are excited to announce that Tattle Systems are now certified for use with multiple applications in multiple environments. This opens up new markets for Tattle Systems in the areas of fuel, propane, oil, gas, and potable water distribution.Hear more from Curtis Kolibab, North Star Systems General Manager, in the video of the announcement below!

QPS Accreditation

Click here to view the North Star Systems Tattle Systems Certification
QPS Accreditation demonstrates that the organization in question is fully qualified to test and certify products to the standards for which it is accredited. To certify a product for a given market, all accredited organizations must test the product to the same applicable national and/or international standards.
In Canada,

QPS is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) as a Certification Body, a Testing Laboratory, and an Inspection Body. We are also recognized by all Provincial and Territorial Electrical Inspection Authorities across Canada. As such, our labels and marks have equal acceptance to those of CSA and UL by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) across the country.

In the USA,
QPS is accredited by:
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