North Star Systems is a hardware and software developer that manufactures Tattle Systems, a tool that supports business operations. Tattle Systems capabilities take technology to the next level. Real-time remote location, level and data reporting define Tattle Systems. In our latest news, we share information about the 2019 CAAR Conference that we are attending and exhibiting at in Winnipeg Feb 12- 14th.It’s been a busy start to 2019 at North Star Systems. Our sales and management team attended the 2019 SUMA Conference in Saskatoon as an exhibitor at the beginning of February. At the conference we were primarily talking about Tattle Systems applications for rural municipality’s water and waste departments.

2019 CAAR Conference

Mid February is the 2019 CAAR Conference. The conference is a two day agriculture event and features a host of exhibitors, networking and includes an exceptional lineup of speakers and panelists. The speakers and panelists offer their own unique and knowledgeable insight into the ever-changing agriculture industry and focus on strengthening the agriculture retail business. We will have our PVT Tattle, Liquid Tattle and Fuel Tattle on display. Many attending will be agriculture retails that are currently using Tattle Systems. At our booth we will be sharing information about how Tattle Systems enhances business operations. The Tattle devices are very durable and are equipped to handle harsh environments. This means one system, one network, one device for easy tracking of assets. CAAR has assembled a panel of agriculture industry leaders from Bayer CropScience Inc., Corteva AgriScience, BASF Canada and Nutrien who have recently experienced mergers and acquisitions. We are looking forward to attending the CAAR Conference and we hope to gain insight from the power panel as they share perspectives on the evolving agriculture industry and the future of agriculture retail.North Star Systems leads in the creation of innovative technology. We pride ourselves on outstanding service and Tattle Systems enhancing the operations of your business.If you would like to know more about how North Star Tattle Systems can help your rural community reach out to our team today!