Tattle Systems maximize IoT and M2M connectivity. Tattle devices, application and software are completely designed and produced in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada by North Star Systems engineers. Tattle Systems work as a complete and closed system, connecting the device to the user through any smartphone, web app, or tablet from anywhere. In our latest article, we are pleased to announce a new product – OIL TATTLE.


North Star Systems Inc. are excited to announce our expansion into the Energy Sector.  OIL TATTLE is a controlled remote tank monitoring and data solution that is self-powered. OIL TATTLE can be connected to several different oil and gas applications such as holding tanks, pump jacks and other wells. OIL TATTLE connects to many different pressure sensors and pressure/temperature sensors. Sensors cover many pressures (PSI) and range from submersible to threaded for installation to external valves. Through web app or mobile apps, you can view all your connected assets, product inventory, product levels and production throughput in real time. OIL TATTLE in combination with Tattle Systems is a valuable business tool that enhances safety, inventory management and environmental stewardship. 

Hear more about this product from  Kyle Bortis North Star Systems Sales & Marketing Manager  in the video below:


OIL TATTLE Quick Points

The North Star Team

Our team is based out of Saskatoon Saskatchewan in the Enterprise Centre. We engineer, manufacture Tattle devices and house our sales group together in one office. Our business continues to grow along with our team. At North Star Systems we pride ourselves on a quality made product called Tattle Systems. Our diverse team provides solutions and support to meet our client’s needs and business objectives.

Tattle Devices

The Tattle devices are very durable and are equipped and handle harsh environments. One system, one network, one device for easy tracking of assets.


North Star Systems leads in the creation of innovative technology. We pride ourselves on outstanding service and our Tattle Products provide solutions to streamline the operations of your business.

If you would like to know more about how North Star Tattle Systems can help your rural community reach out to our team today!