Tattle Systems maximize IoT and M2M connectivity. Tattle devices, application and software are completely designed and produced in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada by North Star Systems engineers. Tattle Systems work as a complete and closed system, connecting the device to the user through any smartphone, web app, or tablet from anywhere. The combination creates an innovative, real-time controlled and remote monitoring and data solution. Client’s operations benefit from increased efficiencies, increased profitability, enhanced safety, sustainability and compliance when utilizing Tattle Systems. In our latest article, we share a customer testimonial from Dustin Redfern at Redfern Farm Services . 

Redfern Farm Services Tattle Systems Testimonial

The NH3 tattle system has helped our business out in ways we didn’t know was possible.  The list is long so I’ll touch on a few keys points.   First is the safety factor.  Which has been key to us that we didn’t even realize till we started using it.  Having the ability to check wagons or storage bullets just by looking on the computer has been great. You can monitor your inventory in the offseason to know if there are leaks or someone is stealing the product.   Having the tattles on our bullets have improved our efficiency.  Some of our bullets are located out of town and being able to look and see how much is in the tank in a couple of clicks is such a time saver.  No more having to drive out to see how much is in the tank.  We now know when we are getting low on product and when we are needing a load.  We can see when bullets get filled overnight by running reports.  We know what branches need the product at all times by just looking on the computer.  It helps with our inventory levels as well.  When the season is slowing down we can move product around and see who has excess product saving us having to order extra loads and carrying extra inventory.   Having the tattles on the wagons that are in the field have really helped as well.  Some areas that we service have poor to next to no cell service so it’s very hard for the customer to make a call when he is getting low and needing a fill. Also, you can find the wagon on a map.  So if you can’t find the wagon you can look at the map and maybe the customer moved to the next field.   This way we can see how much he has all the time.  You can set low numbers so when a tank gets to the designated level it sends an email to you.  Say 20%.  One thing that we have also found is when the late night fills come up we can look and see if the customer is still going.  Lots of times they may have to quit early and still have a close to full wagon and doesn’t make sense for us to go and fill it for 10 or 15%.  We can let the driver head home early some nights.  In the morning we can see what wagons need to be filled and is the best logistics to fill them.  So we become more efficient at filling.  Being able to see what your tanks are at makes it possible to have a plan when filling instead of bugging the customer all the time asking what his tank is at.  We know when they are getting low and it helps to coordinate the filling process.    There are quite a few more advantages with the system and I have just touched on a few that we have found to be the most impressive to us as a company. Equipment & Facilities Manager – Dustin Redfern
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