North Star Systems is a hardware and software developer in Saskatchewan, Canada that manufactures Tattle Systems, a tool that supports business operations. Tattle Systems capabilities take technology to the next level. Real-time remote location, level, and data reporting define Tattle Systems. In our latest news, we have the first article in North Stars Systems Technology Tuesday series. In this series, we will be exploring the business, culture, and impact of the technology industry. In our first piece, we share a video and some information about our own manufacturing process at North Star Systems, and why we have chosen to partner with Calian SED, a leading developer and integrator of systems, products, and services used in communications, test and control applications in Saskatchewan, Canada.


North Star Systems Partnering to Grow and Innovate

For every product, there is a critical point where production must be scaled up quickly to meet demand while maintaining strict quality standards.

At North Star Systems, the idea to outsource Tattle device manufacturing became a reality when we were introduced to Calian SED a local company in Saskatoon

“Partnering with Calian SED who supports innovation and new technologies was an immediate perfect fit between the two businesses,” explained Curtis Kolibab, CEO at North Star Systems.


For us, Calian SED was the next logical step for company growth. They were chosen because they are local and a known premiere manufacturing facility. Most of the business they do is defence and aerospace and now working with North Star Systems we bring IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications in agriculture, energy and water and waste business sectors,” says Kolibab. 

In 2019, Calian SED has built and assembled a number of Tattle devices using their advanced robotic manufacturing (see video below).


“Calian SED engineers are accustomed to manufacturing components precisely and exactly to the specifications supplied by North Star Systems.Their task was the next generation IoT board, the “brains” of Tattle Systems and the core of future innovations North Star Systems is pursuing in IoT.” explained Denis Levi, Chief Technology Officer at North Star Systems,

 North Star Systems believes this technology will be customizable and flexible to help create efficiencies and challenge the way business is done today in many different sectors, the potential applications are limitless. 



Our team is based out of Saskatoon Saskatchewan in the Enterprise Centre. We engineer, manufacture Tattle devices and house our sales group together in one office. Our business continues to grow along with our team. At North Star Systems we pride ourselves on a quality made product called Tattle Systems. Our diverse team provides solutions and support to meet our client’s needs and business objectives. At North Star Systems Partnering to grow and innovate is an integral part of our mission. 

Tattle Devices

The Tattle devices are very durable and are equipped and handle harsh environments. One system, one network, one device for easy tracking of assets. North Star Systems leads in the creation of innovative technology. We pride ourselves on outstanding service and our Tattle Products provide solutions to streamline the operations of your business.If you would like to know more about how North Star Tattle Systems can help you reach out to our team today!