North Star Systems Inc. is a proud partner of @TELUSbusiness.North Star Systems Inc. along with TELUS teamed up for an article about IoT in the prairies. The article was released in support of TELUS and the promotion of Tattle Systems utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT).
The Situation
“When the Internet of Things emerged, we realized we could make a cost-effective tank monitoring system that would help reduce fertilizer deliver logistics by over 25%.”-Curtis Kolibab, General Manager, North Star Systems Inc.
The Solution
“After considering a number of options, we finally decided that the best solution was to partner with TELUS because they had already built the network we needed. TELUS knows IoT and was ready to work with us to ensure everything operates properly.”-Denis Levi, IT Manger, North Star Systems Inc.
More Information
IoT Connectivity Agtech – North Star TestimonialTo read the whole article please click TELUS Blog.To learn more about the Internet of Things (IoT) please visit TELUS IoT.North Star Systems Inc. would like to thank TELUS for the tremendous service and support and for providing a great network to operate Tattle Systems.