TELUS Farm Fuel Management Solution

The TELUS Farm Fuel Management Solution offers a user-friendly and ready-to-use system for monitoring and managing the usage of gas, diesel, propane, and even liquid fertilizer. Developed in collaboration with North Star Systems Inc., the solution relies on the Smart Dock device and its accompanying software. Designed to withstand the harsh climate of the Canadian prairies, the Smart Dock is powered by a combination of batteries and solar panels, and it can operate using various wireless protocols.


Decisive Farming was established to harmonize the multitude of data sets that farmers typically handle. By integrating on-site support, precision agronomics (including variable rate technology), information management services, and crop marketing tools, Decisive Farming offers farmers a comprehensive platform called My Farm Manager®. Acting as the primary operating system for farmers, it currently serves over six million acres and supports 40 different crop types across North America.


“We are delighted to support Decisive Farming by TELUS Agriculture and contribute to advancing innovative technologies.”
stated Denis Levi, Chief Technology Officer at North Star Systems Inc.


Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) effectively can significantly enhance business efficiency by facilitating logistical operations. IoT has the potential to revolutionize business practices by streamlining remote operations. 

Another notable application of IoT is its development for tracking employees in mines and industrial sites, ensuring their safety. It also involves deploying robots to assist warehouse staff in improving their productivity. Furthermore, IoT is making its way into fields and roads through the use of self-driving tractors, vehicles, and drones. These advancements aim to increase production, reduce downtime, and provide proactive insights for real-time decision-making.

North Star Systems Inc. is leading the way for custom IoT software development,  and we are proud to partner with innovative companies like TELUS to provide solutions for Ag and other industries.



farmer holding gas


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