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– DMM Energy

North Star Systems is a hardware and software developer in Saskatchewan, Canada that manufactures tools to support business operations and logistics. Our Tattle Systems capabilities take technology to the next level. Real-time remote location, level, and data reporting are what define our technology. We are proud to provide solutions for our clients across multiple industries.

In our most recent article, we hear from Erin Gillis, the Logistics Coordinator at DMM Energy who shares her feedback and experience with Tattle Systems and the North Star Systems team. 



” North Star Systems and DMM Energy teamed up in September 2020 to help provide customers with the best possible system. Tattle Systems benefits us and our customers by providing us with live feed on how much fuel is in their tanks. It has also provided us a great deal of intel which helps ensure we are serving our customers correctly.

The ability for us to monitor fuel tanks is a benefit to our busy customers. Tattle Systems devices send an email or a text to let us know a customer’s tanks have reached a low threshold. The customer doesn’t have to remember to phone us. We can manage the customer’s fuel needs more effectively and it also enables us to coordinate trips out to a certain area much more efficiently because we know how much fuel a customer requires.

For example, we have a customer about 45 minutes outside of Saskatoon where I am located. This past winter, when we were dealing with ice storms, we were able to look at that customer’s tanks. We could decide whether it was worth making a trip out or if the tanks would be fine until the next day when, hopefully, the roads would be better.

Our first Tattle Systems device was installed in a tank at one of our commercial sites. They often needed two fills a week but with Tattle Systems, we can be more efficient by making less trips to fill their tanks. This also keep our drivers out of their site, which is a safety precaution.

North Star Systems and Tattle Systems provide us with a simple and effective way of providing peace of mind to our customers. It allows us to make sure that tanks never run dry because we don’t want our customers without fuel” – Erin Gillis, DMM Energy


DMM Energy has grown to become one of the largest distributors of Esso branded fuel products in Western Canada.Their  team operates in various regions to service a variety of customers from farm to fleet, projects big and small. They strive to improve fueling experiences by providing cost effective business solutions to ensure the success of our customers and their business. 

The owners of three established, family-run businesses come together to form a new energy company serving Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta. Three men make up the DMM initials in the business name: Kel Doak, Darrell Morgan and John Marsollier. Each one is the head of his own established fuel company: Doak’s Bulk Fuels out of The Pas, Manitoba;  Morgan Fuels out of Sioux Lookout, Ontario and Marsollier Petroleum out of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. 


“We at North Star Systemsare pleased to support a fuel distributor, such as DMM Energy, to become more efficient with their deliveries of fuel. Tattle Systems helps drivers know exactly when and where to go for their deliveries, which is a significant benefit in a highly competitive industry. With the information they can collect using Tattle Systems, DMM Energy can provide the very best service to their customers.”


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