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North Star Systems creates solutions that improve business efficiencies from developer tools to products for the end user.

Solving Problems With IoT

In its simplest sense, IoT is the interconnection of sensors embedded in the tools we use every day via the Internet to computers that crunch the data. They all work together to augment human capacity. They help us do things faster, more efficiently and even do things we couldn’t otherwise do.  IoT allows us to feed the need for real-time remote information.

There are unlimited possibilities with IoT to transform business operations in major industries such as Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Water & Wastewater, Mining, Manufacturing, and Telematics, to name a few.

Customer End-to-End Solution

Dedicated R&D Department for technological IoT consultancy, on-demand researches and fast idea validation.

Cloud Server

Complex multi-protocol IoT solutions include Cloud server and end user interface.

Development and Integration

Custom sensors, firmware engineering and hardware development, and integration.

Custom IoT solutions

SiX IoT Concept

Our Unique Approach to IoT


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Cloud Server

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  • Satellite
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IoT promises to allow farmers and input retailers to gather and use information to make more efficient use of time and resources and in doing so, strengthen their bottom line. But is IoT really that new? In a sense, it is simply the latest step in information evolution on the farm. The earliest examples are perhaps gauges – devices that allow the farmer to monitor fuel levels, oil pressure, RPM, and engine temperature right from the operator’s seat.

As technology advanced, manufacturers put sensors on seeding and harvesting equipment, allowing the producer to make adjustments on the fly and identify problems before they become expensive errors.

The first grain loss monitors alerted the person on the combine that their machine wasn’t threshing properly and losing crop out the back end. But they still often had to shut down the machine, get out of the cab, and make manual adjustments.

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For every product, there is a critical point where production must be scaled up quickly to meet demand while maintaining strict quality standards. At North Star Systems, the idea to outsource Tattle device manufacturing became a reality when we were introduced to Calian SED a local company in Saskatoon.

For us, Calian SED was the next logical step for company growth. They were chosen because they are local and a known premiere manufacturing facility. Most of the business they do is defence and aerospace and now working with North Star Systems we bring IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) applications in agriculture, energy and water and waste business sectors,” says Kolibab. 

In 2019, Calian SED has built and assembled a number of Tattle devices using their advanced robotic manufacturing.

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Public and private utility operators are beginning to harness the power of IoT to enhance the safety and efficiency of their systems, while strengthening their bottom lines and delivering superior service to their customers.

For water and sewer systems, this can include sensors to measure variables such as fluid levels in tanks, flow rates in distribution systems, and status of critical elements such as pumps. GPS systems track the location of water and sewer tanker trucks. With these data flowing continuously via the Internet, operators can manage their services from anywhere via smartphone or tablet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IoT mean?

IoT refers to the Industrial Internet of Things – the interconnection of sensors embedded in the tools we use every day via the internet to computers that crunch the data. 

What industries are embracing IoT solutions?

The possibilities are endless with IoT. North Star Systems has successfully created hardware and software solutions that have improved collaboration, enhanced decision making, and increased profit in a variety of Agricultural, Oil & Gas, and Water & Wastewater applications.


What are the benefits of creating an IoT solution for a business?

Utilizing IoT effectively can allow you to operate more efficiently by helping you with the logistics of running your business. IoT has the potential to transform how a business operates by streamlining remote operations.

Some examples of IoT usage is that it is being developed to track employees in mines and industrial sites to keep them safe. It’s running robots to help warehouse staff work more efficiently. It is heading out to fields and roads as self-driving tractors, vehicles and drones to increase production, decrease down time, and to provide proactive insights that feed real time decision making.