Committed to Excellence

Who We Are

Our team is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  We engineer, manufacture devices, build software, and house our sales group together in one office.  Our business continues to grow along with our team.  We are proud of the diverse and engaged team of experts who strive to provide solutions and support that meet our clients’ needs and business objectives. 

Headshot of CFO Lisa Rein
Headshot of Kyle Bortis
Headshot of Braden Gerwig in front of brick wall
Headshot of Software Development Director Mitch Lau
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Headshot of Research & Development Lead Jane Tu
Headshot of Web Development Lead Jerry Guan
Headshot of Test and Assembly Technician Yuchen Li
Headshot of Client Relations Director Brittany Evans
Headshot of Test and Assembly Technician Yuchen Li


Transform your business using the power of intuitive software customized by North Star Systems.


Hard working and customized hardware to complete your IIoT solution.


Tattle Systems Software delivers real time, remote, data driven insights to manage your assets.


Tattle devices and sensors powering the full potential of Tattle Systems™ to manage your assets.


For key segments in many different markets from bulk commodities to precise measurement.