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Specialized in Logistics Efficiency Solutions

Tattle Systems™ is an all in one solution inclusive of Tattle Systems Software and Tattle Systems Hardware.  

Real-time Remote Technologies

Tattle Systems works as a complete and closed system. It connects sensor to device (Tattle Systems hardware) and device to the user through any smartphone, desktop, or tablet from anywhere via our Tattle Systems Software. This combination creates an innovative, real-time controlled and remote monitoring and data solution.

Clients’ operations benefit from increased efficiencies, increased profitability, enhanced safety, sustainability, and compliance.​

No Tradeshows No Problem

The Power of Tattle Systems 

Fully utilizing all of the features that Tattle Systems™ has to offer results in proactive insights and informed business decisions that contribute to your businesses bottom line. 

Proven 25% reduction in logistics costs
Real-time remote access
Optimize asset management
Optimize inventory levels
Optimize employee productivity
Improved client experience
Asset security
Data generation
Minimize environmental impact
Made in Canada


There are several applications that the powerhouse Tattle Systems™ operate in.

Soil Moisture

Coming Soon!


Asset Tracking
Many Other Applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I login to the Tattle Systems™ Online Portal?

Our online portal can be accessed in the same location as it was on the old site, here on the new site. On the upper right corner of the navigation at the top of the page you will see a green button with white writing that says Login. Please click that to access the web portal. Or click this link here to be taken there directly.

Who do I contact for help with my Tattle device?

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Transform your business using the power of intuitive software customized by North Star Systems.


Hard working and customized hardware to complete your IIoT solution.


Tattle Systems Software delivers real time, remote, data driven insights to manage your assets.


Tattle devices and sensors powering the full potential of Tattle Systems™ to manage your assets.


For key segments in many different markets from bulk commodities to precise measurement.