James Liu

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Software Developer

James Liu

When James first came to Saskatoon, the clean air, quiet environment, and peaceful people appealed to him. James comes from a crowded and noisy city, and he suddenly realize this is his dream place.

James graduated with a master’s degree in Computer Science, it was with the intention of being a software developer, but it took a little detour for about six years and worked as a hardware engineer, which he has absolutely no regret about at all. It tells him how quickly he can learn a new technology, and how satisfying it is to learn something new. But there was that dream tucked away inside of him to do software developing. Finally, he had a chance to develop an automatic testing system inside a company. He grabbed the chance and started his programming career.

Now he is eager to absorb advanced technology of web development and IoT. He is so excited to join North Star Systems to build something awesome and fulfill customer requirements perfectly.

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking and travelling with his family, ski in the winter, and making geek DIYs at home.