Thinking about storing your Tattle

As the season change, we at North Star Systems want to give our recommendations on the care of your Tattle. Please check out our recommendations below.

  • Leave your Tattle hooked up to your pressure vessel unit, liquid fertilizer tank, or water and septic tank. This eliminates any damage to the sensor cable or dial.
  • If you remove your Tattle (not recommended) be very careful when removing the sensor cable. The sensor cable slides out of the dial bracket, do not pull as the sensor cable can be damaged.
  • Leave your pressure vessel dial fastened to the tank once installed. PVS and TDU (PV, Liquid, and Fuel) Tattles and sensors must be left on the tank once installed due to the type of connection.
  • If you remove the Tattle, unhook the sensor cable at the connector. This will help keep the battery life.
  • When taking the Tattle out of storage and installing the Tattle for the season please place in sunlight with the connection plug covered for 7-10 days to charge the battery. Leave the sensor cable disconnected and in storage during this charge period.
   North Star Systems has tested our Tattle device in many different environments and settings. We recommend once your Tattle device and sensor are installed they are to be left installed. For more information and support please call 306-653-0189.