Client Spotlight –Enhancing NH3 Application with Tattle Systems at SynergyAG

At SynergyAG, they take pride in serving the agricultural community with top-notch farm inputs, including seeds, chemicals, dry and liquid fertilizers, and anhydrous ammonia (NH3). Collin Martin, the Location Manager for the St. Brieux branch at SynergyAG, shares his experience with implementing Tattle Systems from North Star Systems and the transformative impact it had on their business operations.


Pre-Product Implementation:

Before adopting Tattle Systems from North Star Systems, the SynergyAG team faced logistical challenges, particularly in tracking the whereabouts of trucks and field tanks and managing capacities effectively. They were heavily reliant on manual directions and luck.

The decision to implement Tattle Systems was driven by the promise of a comprehensive solution to their logistical problems.

Product Implementation & Benefits

Collin highlighted the ease of Tattle installation, its increasing reliability over time, and its role in replacing the need for additional personnel.

A standout moment during implementation was realizing that Tattle Systems eliminated unnecessary fills, ensuring timely deliveries to farmers even if they switched fields during the process.

Since implementing Tattle Systems, SynergyAG has experienced numerous benefits, including significant time and cost saving as well as enhanced logistical planning.

Collin emphasizes that Tattles allow them to track tank locations precisely, enabling strategic route planning and addressing challenges such as varying start times and equipment breakdowns for farmers.

The historical reporting features also came in handy, with Collin mentioning a specific instance where historical reports were used to track a missing fill ticket, saving time and preventing potential issues.

He also specifically highlighted features such as tracking his tanks, knowing tank capacities, and monitoring the speed of his tanks as crucial elements contributing to the success of their NH3 application.

Future state for SynergyAG:

Collin envisions Tattle Systems becoming an essential component for all NH3 vessels at SynergyAG, emphasizing its status as a “no-brainer” addition.

SynergyAG continues to be at the forefront of agricultural services, and its collaboration with Tattle Systems has significantly contributed to streamlining its NH3 application processes, ultimately driving efficiency, cost savings, and improved customer satisfaction.

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