Client Spotlight – Tessenderlo Kerley

North Star Systems is a hardware and software developer in Saskatchewan, Canada that manufactures tools to support business operations and logistics. Our Tattle Systems capabilities take technology to the next level. Real-time remote location, level, and data reporting are what defines our technology. We are proud to provide solutions for our clients across multiple industries.

In our most recent Client Spotlight we chatted with Todd Moutardier ET System Engineer at Tessenderlo Kerley, he shared how Tessenderlo uses our Tattle Systems technology and the impact it’s had on their operations.

Tessenderlo Kerley

Tessenderlo Kerley,  serves the agriculture, mining and industrial markets with a broad range of products and technologies around the world. They have one mission, to nurture and enhance life through innovative chemistry. They focus on delivering sustainable products and services which make the most efficient use of every resource. The Tessenderlo Kerley team comprises of over 450 motivated and skilled experts, they are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and have 13 production facilities spread across the United States.

North Star System has been working with Tessenderlo Kerley since 2019, specifically with their Crop Vitality and NovaSource teams. Crop Vitality represents a commitment to nurturing crop life through innovation, research and the development of sustainable crop nutrition for agriculture. Through sustainable Sulfur solutions, Crop Vitality specializes in providing growers around the world with the crop nutrition tools they need to optimize their growing conditions. 

Whereas, NovaSource delivers a portfolio of proven and effective crop protection products to agricultural markets around the world.

Todd explained that they have employed Tattle Systems in locations where existing infrastructure limits their ability to remotely monitor tank levels or where storage availability requires them to have visibility to ensure the product is available.

“ We learned about North Star Systems through a customer who was considering their hardware and reporting services for a new terminal location. Previously, we asked remote/third-party locations to reconcile monthly for usage and inventory with varying degrees of accuracy.  We work with North Star as the demonstrated and  ability to be agile/flexible with existing digital processes and we have found them to provide honest communication and reliability “ – Todd Moutardier

Todd explained that the benefits of Tattle Systems starts at production planning and ends at inventory visibility on demand from a corporate perspective. They have remote locations that are operated by third parties with limited storage capacity so Tattle Sytems ensures that they always have products in place for planned orders and third-party consumption. This significantly streamlined their reconciliation process. 

When asked how their team use the data and information available to them through the online portal and mobile app Todd said,  

“ During production at corporate plants, the ability for plant personnel to determine free space in a load-out tank (at a glance) has been great for chemical transfer. Understanding how much free space is available for new products without returning to the office and calculating the figure has been a huge help. For third-party terminals (often with limited storage space) having on-demand visibility into tanks during the busy season has allowed for much better stock transfer planning as a manufacturer.  The user interface has evolved since we first implemented NSS and has gotten better over time.  Any concerns we’ve had have all been addressed by the team at North Star Systems. “ 

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