The Manufacturing and Technical Services team is made up of a trusted and connected team focused on producing high quality products every day. We achieve this through process standardization, lean manufacturing, and validation testing. Nothing leaves our facility untested.  Constantly looking for small improvements in design and functionality, we work hard to learn our client’s business so we can equip them with the right solutions. Building strong relationships with local supply chain partners supports our commitment to our clients.

Technical Services provides in-depth knowledge and expertise to clients, no matter the business sector, agriculture, energy, water and waste or oil and gas.  This ensures every client receives the best possible solution for their operation.  Specialized knowledge of Tattle Systems leads to remarkable solutions for unique and challenging scenarios.  Services are offered to clients through on-site installation, training support for local installation technicians, or remote support on various communication platforms. Including new installations, service work, and any other challenges.  

“Rain, snow or shine, we’re always there to support you” – Dmitry Apanov, Technical and Quality Manager

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Arthur Cradock-Director of Manufacturing Engineering and Production:

Dmitry Apanov-Technical and Quality Manager:

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