Saskatchewan’s Tech Sector Growing: North Star Systems Expands with Alberta Acquisition

Saskatoon based North Star Systems, developer of Tattle Systems, has completed the acquisition of Live Dispatch developed by Alberta based Levitica. The addition of Live Dispatch provides order management capabilities.  The integration of Live Dispatch and Tattle Systems software will provide North Star Systems users a powerful end-to-end logistics efficiency solution adding automated ordering, dispatching and route planning, and order fulfillment combined with the many benefits of Tattle Systems.

“This is another major step in our relentless pursuit of ways to add value to our existing products,” says North Star Systems CEO Curtis Kolibab. “We saw how Live Dispatch complemented our current solutions, unifying the software and hardware our clients have been seeking as one unit.”

The added technology strengthens North Star Systems ability to extend its reach by expanding further in the agriculture market and enter new areas including the oil and gas industry, municipal services such as water and wastewater management, as well as retail and wholesale distributors.

“We have always believed that automating processes that have traditionally been done manually brings value to our customers and helps them to become more efficient and competitive. This new application will give our users a much more robust solution, delivering the tools they have been demanding. The days of phoning in an order have now been automated in real time,” said Kolibab.

“I am excited to become part of the North Star Systems team,” says Live Dispatch developer Cristian Merli. “Now I am able to commit my energy to expanding Live Dispatch with the power of the North Star Systems team into new industry segments.”

Kolibab went on to say the acquisition will solidify North Star Systems as a key technology player in Western Canada as it moves us deeper within our agricultural roots and to new verticals. “It is a vindication of the trust and belief placed in us by early adopters of Tattle Systems technology.”

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About North Star Systems

North Star Systems develops hardware and cloud-based collaboration software for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The companies M2M technology transcends real-time remote information creating efficiencies and inspire the way businesses serve their clients.  The company has a team of 17, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where they manufacture hardware, develop software, and offer client relations and technical support.