As a Business Development team, we work closely with the Client Relations team to ensure both our new and existing clients are getting the highest level of service.  North Star Systems has flexible offerings that enable our clients to equip more of their assets quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

 The Business Development team supports our clients in understanding our offerings, whether it be how our hardware and software work together creating an all-in-one logistics efficiency solution know as Tattle Systems. Or real time order management through our newest software offering, Live Dispatch.  It is clear, at North Star Systems we are always innovating new and relevant ideas alongside our clients.

 Areas of Focus:

 Understanding the Need

    • Working with current and new clients to find solutions for their business is critical.  We sit down and discuss their business and understand their needs and aspects where they would like to improve.  Based on that, we determine whether our commercially available products will fit or if a more customized solution is required.  This allows us to find the right solution for their problem which ultimately make both parties succeed.


    • We believe in ongoing collaboration with our clients is key for a successful client experience.  This helps build relationships and trust, enabling us to expand deeper into other parts of their business.  When clients see the efficiencies our technology brings, they begin to think of other ways that our solutions can be integrated into other aspects of their operations.


    • Depending on what our clients are looking for, we have the flexibility with different products and pricing options leaving no hurdles in the way. This simplifies the buying process keeping clients focused on their business.  We make it easy to do business with North Star Systems!

 Our Business Development Team enjoys working in the Ag Tech space and are also very proud to serve the many other sectors where our technology is making a difference.  Whether it be a face-to-face meeting, video call, text, email, or simply a good old phone call we are ready to connect with you. 

For more information or questions please contact our Business Development Team.

Kyle Bortis -Business Development Director

Braden Gerwing -Business Development Manager

Dalyn Hoiness-Business Development Manager