Like any Co-operative, South Country Co-op’s success depends on trust and dependability – and that means harnessing the latest technology to make sure their members get the bulk fuel they need, when they need it, whether it’s on farm or commercial. With five bulk fuel locations, as well as over 2300 bulk fuel customers, covering broad regions of Southern Alberta, it can be logistically challenging to ensure all their members needs are met.

 Live Dispatch was originally created right here at South Country Co-op.  “One of our bulk fuel drivers knew there had to be a better way to run our business, and together North Star and South Country Co-op created Live Dispatch” said Aaron Mack, Petroleum Sales Manager.

 Live Dispatch has become South Country Co-op’s “go-to” tool for all its team members.  South Country Co-op utilizes the app when they are on the road, as well as on the desktop for multiple purposes, including to see when the last time a customer ordered, to ensure customers orders are being placed and inputting orders as soon as a customer places them.  “We are able to instantly put the customers order into Live Dispatch which takes seconds, allowing us to be much more efficient without having to contact the location or the drivers, there are no longer any lost or forgotten orders” Mack stated, “which simply can not happen while doing business.”

 Live Dispatch also increases the productivity for the drivers because they no longer need to get together to assign jobs for the day…instead they log into Live Dispatch where they can view orders to be completed.  Live Dispatch allows us to follow the entire order from the initial input into Live Dispatch all the way through to its completion, making sure our customers are always looked after and satisfied. Live Dispatch is “an absolute game changer!”

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