Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your assets connected so you could manage their locations and inventory levels at any given time? But, let’s take it a step further—having the ability to see all of these on a single dashboard would be ideal, wouldn’t it?

 Tattle Systems® can do all of this… and more!

 Tattle Systems® operates as a complete and closed system. It connects sensors to devices (aka Tattle Systems Hardware) and devices to the user through smartphone, desktop, or tablet from anywhere via our Tattle Systems Software. This combination creates an innovative, real-time controlled and remote monitoring and data solution.

 Tattle Systems Hardware includes Tattle devices, sensors, and related accessories. A Tattle is a solar-powered device that transmits information through remote network connectivity to the cloud, and can connect to various sensor types depending on the application.

 All the information and data obtained from sensors connected to a Tattle device are what you see in our Tattle Systems Software.

 Tattle Systems Software houses our online portal, Tattle Systems GO mobile app, and cloud. Providing insight into all assets in real-time on one map enables our clients to receive proactive reports and make informed business decisions.

 As an incredibly versatile technology, Tattle Systems® can be used for several applications such as NH3, fuel, water, liquid fertilizer, and more. If there isn’t a solution for what you’re looking for yet, we’re up for the challenge!



P.S. — Are there any features you’d love to see implemented? We’re all ears! Send me an email with any questions or ideas, or check us out at www.northstarsystems.ca.