Tattle Tip 1 – Proper care of your Tattle Devices

  • Now is a great time to make sure your Tattles are ready for the season
  • If your Tattles were stored away for the winter months out of the sunlight please make sure you charge them up
  • Need a charger? We can help you out
  • Need a battery? We can help you out
  • Ensure the solar panel is free from mud, dust, snow or other debris. Simply wipe with a cloth.
  • Ensure all of your connections are tight and secure from sensor to Tattle

Tattle Tip 2 – Check your sensors

  • We have supply of 1.7″, 2″, 4″, 8″ pressure vessel gauges
  • We have supply of Liquid sensors available in 10m, 45m or custom made cable lengths
  • Need to calibrate your Liquid Tanks? Give us a call and we can help
  • Ensure your sensor is clear from any debris

Tattle Tip 3 – NH3 Tender Delivery Unit (TDU Tattle) Installation

  • Ensure Tattle is secure to the frame of truck or trailer by bolt or cable ties
  • We recommend to install the TDU Tattle on a flat surface in an area of direct sunlight
  • Ensure the GPS Antenna is facing away from the tank as per label
  • Cable must be protected by plastic cover which we provide
  • Securely attach the cable to tank

Tattle Tip 4 – Web App, iOS and Android App Tutorials

  • Call 306-653-0189 to set up a time that works for you

NH3 Season is here

Anhydrous ammonia proves to be an efficient and economical source of nitrogen. Tattle Systems are proving to be an efficient and economical tool for supporting NH3 distribution. The PVT, PVS and TDU Tattles are a fit for NH3 operations. We are here to support you and wish a safe and successful season.